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Barnacle SEO will be a Savoir for Small Business Entities Again!

Online Marketing is more of a necessity than a desire, and here it is not so easy for small business entities, to get attention and to generate revenues as an end result. Search engines usually treat large business brands versus small names in a different manner. It is hardcore reality and we have to face it but in a way trying to find some practical solutions. Here you see a reason that large business groups have dynamic website and they can hire proper SEO companies at best packages.

Some Common Perceptions about Small Business Community

It is a fact that smaller business units work with limited budget. Here you have a reason to include the web development and maintenance cost. Then it is important to keep pace with the world and hire proper and professional SEO services for first page appearance of websites or the business profiles. It costs a budget and some people find it difficult though many small business units have proper websites.

Here You Have Barnacle SEO for Small Business

Barnacle SEO is back with a bang! It is not a new concept in SEO but it reintroduced by Will Scott.  You might ask as what is in fact Barnacle SEO so here it goes:

“Barnacle SEO is a term that is specified by optimization experts for an old strategy to link up small business sites with larger websites. The ones which generate heavy traffic and often visited by a group of clients! It is in a way of enticing small business group with bigger names for great SERP Value”

It is process of attaching small business websites with larger sits with better PR and visitor value. It increases the scope, action and the resultant optimization in fact. You will be connected with bigger names like Angie’s List, or Google+, Yelp then using that site as a vehicle to get you noticed in the search results.

There is a common notion that small business units do not carry websites. It is a fact that bigger business websites with a fortune invested on search engine optimization, and a proper “Brand Name” are always on top. So isn’t it a better option for small business groups to string attach their website with larger boats in the ocean on online marketing

Here we can see that a real a bookkeeping firm is working in best professional manner in Chicago but it is not in online limelight. Here if the business owners decide to hook up with Google+ or Yelp for aiding their website to provide a reason to be on first page then it is too good. These local business listing sites with a bigger name are searched by all interested clients. They will eventually lead to one direction and in a fine manner.

How to Use SEO Barnacle in a Smart and Practical Manner


You need to understand the priority of sites that you consider big enough for anchoring your business boat. The attachment factor comes with understanding the function of local directories, and which ones can support for better performance in Search Engine Marketing.

You can easily practice it by yourself with a search on web carrying few relative keywords of your business domain. The search results will categorize which local directories are catering your concerns in a better way. The search keywords must be relevant to your business, and then it will help you evaluate it in a better way as what to do in a real form. Although Yelp always leads by all means of searches but you can also find other sites like Google Plus, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, City Search, Angie’s List and Yellow Pages as well.

Concluding Remarks

SEO Barnacle is always beneficial for small business entities to hook up with larger business units. Here you can find the better opportunities to reach out to millions of users who search by ‘Area Names’ along with product or service, and they will be in a better position to understand and reach your business for sure reasons. Well, SEO Barnacle’s re-entry is a sigh of relief, and in fact good news for especially small business units at any place.


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