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Facebook is Adding Emotions and Reactions to Like Button

It has been almost 2 years since the facebook authorities were seriously considering the fact as what to do with the like button. As there was a strong enforcement by audience side that they want to express how and what they feel at seeing a post in their News Feed. The extension will be launched to let these users of facebook to show their joy, amusement, anger, surprise and other emotions as well. It is a tribute to the widespread sentiment demand by facebook users.

Now you will be able to love and laugh with the post and can show it to others as well. Though we have seen the addition of Emoticons, Stickers and Emojis as a way to express how users feel and want to respond. But it was not enough as people will love to have an option when they tap over like or move cursor of mouse. There will be several options and you can choose if you feel sad to joyful to see a post. For mobiles you need to press the like button for long as the options will appear in your frontline, and you will be able to choose what you really want.

How it will affect the Facebook Marketers

Facebook authorities say that they were considering the requirements of its users seriously and it was one of those ones. They wanted to express more than just LIKE. It was earlier introduced as a reason to reply on each comment. Here very like press is treated equal but with addition of emotions everybody will be able to see what kinds of emotions are attached to certain post. It will definitely let social media marketers to look for the kinds of reaction and they will devise future strategies accordingly.

Currently Facebook authorities have no plan to weigh the kinds of emotions that are selected for a post. But for future it will be considered and it might affect the organic reach and placement in the news feed as well. It will be beneficial for the page owners and the companies to keep on following their strategies as if they have to keep on following the same category of content or different sorts of things around.

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